Black Decorative Pillows Add Design and Style to Any Room!!

black and pink striped pillows

Eye-catching black decorative pillows attract attention and can add a dramatic look to any room.

So, if you’re doing some interior decorating and you’re stuck. . .

and you need an inexpensive way to add some design and style, why not consider black decorative pillows?

Black is often used in decorating because it can convey a conservative, sophisticated or mysterious look depending upon what other décor elements you use.

A very modern or eclectic room might only need one black decorative pillow.

If you have a geometric print sofa and lots of contemporary or modern art on your walls, just one black decorative pillow in a funky pattern might be all you need.

Place it next to solid colored pillows that coordinate with the rest of your décor.


Black decorative pillows with texture and pattern

Add a few black decorative pillows in a contemporary pattern to a conservatively decorated room.

If your dominant room color is a light beige, sage, taupe or grey, and you’ve created a very comfortable and conservative look using traditional furniture, lamps, pictures and wall hangings, read on. . .

To “liven up” the room, you might feel you need a little something extra.

A solid or textured sofa, sectional or accent chair can always use a black decorative pillow or two for contrast and design.

This is where the print you choose is critical in decorating. Add a subtle yet creative graphic motif with the decorative pillows you choose.

You might want to add a throw blanket to the sofa or sectional that also compliments the pillows.

Don’t overlook the design possibilities with black decorative pillows. You’re sure to be surprised at the design and style they can add to any room!