Looking for Free Collage Photo Maker Software?

Stack of Photos for Collage

A collage of photos truly adds a personal touch to any room.

Using collage photo maker software, it’s easy to learn how to make photo collages for your home.

A fun and exciting “Do-It-Yourself” art project, you’ll create an adorable home décor item using your only the pictures you choose.

Just give it a try—photos add warmth and love to any living space!

Collage photo maker software takes much of the guesswork out of deciding how best to create your collage.

-Easily adjust the number and size of photos and the spacing between photos

-Choose a regular 8 ½ x 11” layout, or get creative and select any shape or form you’d like—a flower, a heart, a dog, someone’s initials—you decide!

You might think it would be difficult to find a free collage photo maker online

Good news… it isn’t! Do a Google search and you’ll quickly find several very good free collage photo makers.

You’ll learn how to make photo collages easily and the project really isn’t that time consuming.

Even if you don’t feel that inspired or very creative, your collage is sure to be a success!

Shape Collage is our favorite collage photo maker—and it’s free! Easily create a collage of photos within minutes!

Shape Collage, developed by Vincent Cheung, has user-friendly instructions and allows you to create a collage in any shape you desire using your own photos or photos you’ve downloaded from the web.

Because of the advanced capabilities of the software, you’re sure to be really happy with the results.

Plus, there is basically no limit to the number of photos you can use…from just a few to a few thousand!

Try this free collage photo maker software—or any other one that's recommended!

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