Decorating on a Budget!

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If you're decorating on a budget, you'll find lots of cheap home decorating ideas on this website!

I’ll start by using my own example of truly saving money while decorating.............

I moved into a loft and decided to keep most of my old furniture with the exception of getting a new bedroom set. I then brainstormed to think of ways to give my living room a fresh new look with the same furniture.

After narrowing down all of my decorating ideas and going ahead with my favorite ones, my living room looks great and I had a lot of fun decorating!

Here are the cheap decorating ideas (cheap as in inexpensive!) I used when decorating a loft. . .

Change the focal point of your furniture pieces.

I still like my brown chenille sofa, but it was no longer going to fade into the backdrop of the living room. In my old place, I had two rather large decorative chairs which grabbed attention, but now my sofa was going be the attention-grabber! I decided to sell my 2 chairs.

I had purchased my sofa 6 years ago and it arrived with 4 large pillows and 2 small pillows. I displayed all of the pillows for years, but decided to put 1 large pillow and the 2 small pillows in storage, leaving only 3 large pillows (which make up the back of the sofa).

Decorative pillows add a splash of color and design.

Keeping in mind that I wanted to use my own decorating ideas, and I was decorating on a budget, I found two small decorative pillows at Marshall’s. They both contained red—one had an interesting pattern of squares and rectangles, and the other had a unique circles design.

The red in the pillows coordinated perfectly with the red flowers in my area rug and with the geometric shapes in the large painting on the wall.

The total cost of both pillows was only $30 and it gave my sofa a fresh new look! Putting away the extra pillows that arrived with the sofa then adding in some color and design was key!

A decorative sofa throw lends warmth to the room.

I found a beautiful red chenille soft throw at Tuesday Morning. I lay the throw on the back of the sofa during the winter for easy access when napping. The red brightens up the brown sofa and looks great with the other accents of red in the living room.

Check TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Home Goods and Cost Plus Imports for sofa throws--you're sure to find one at a great price that fits well with your decorating style!

When thinking up decorating ideas, first decide the design elements you're going to use in the room. My choice of both the accent color red and a circular motif were my design elements I used when decorating my living room.

Hopefully you've learned a few key tips and decorating ideas when decorating on a budget!

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