Decorative Area Rugs Add a Splash of Color and Design to Any Room!

Modern Interior Decorating

Looking for decorative area rugs for your living room?

Interior decorating styles help dictate the type of rugs you should use, but be sure your rug also coincides with the other home decoration ideas you’re implementing.

Decorative area rugs are all the rage right now! Especially with the popularity of wood flooring, rugs are a must and surely help with overall room design.

Create a comprehensive list of all of your home decoration ideas. Then select the 3 ideas you can’t live without whether they include a wing-back chair, a large over-sized plant or a wall collage of photos in unique, contemporary picture frames.

Imagine your living room with these home décor items and then select a rug accordingly. Rugs are available in a plethora of materials, shapes, sizes and colors.

Don’t be intimidated--decorative area rugs help show off interior decorating styles--and your own unique decorating flair!

Rug Selection - So Many Choices

Traditional area rugs – If you have a tendency to decorate with contemporary home décor accessories, but your overall look is traditional, select a traditional rug to help anchor the room and provide design balance and stability.  The accessories can be the intriguing design elements in the room!

Contemporary area rugs – If your living room contains earth tones and has a simple overall look with clean lines, why not add a leaf-shaped rug for visual appeal?

Retro rugs are a throw back to the 60s and 70s.  If you are using a retro rectangle type motif in your decorating, why not get a retro rug with this same type of look in both design and color?

Modern area rugs are known for their unique, abstract designs and oftentimes loud colors.  The overall shape of a rug can help carry through design elements that you've already decided upon for your living room.

For example, if you’re using shapes as a design element in your living room, try a shaped rug—a circle or square rug definitely helps grab attention.

Regardless of the decorative area rugs that you choose, you’ll be surprised at how the rug helps tie in your other home decoration ideas—from the room colors. . .to the furniture. . . to the style of other home décor accessories.

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