Feng Shui Tips - Toaist Inspired Minimalist Home Designs

Kitchen with Feng Shui

Looking for feng shui tips? Curious about the look and feel of this Chinese decorating style?

Feng Shui Decorating

If you like minimalist home designs, you’re likely to be drawn to this type of interior design.

Feng shui” means “wind and water”. A taoist practice that affects a person’s “chi” or energy, feng shui is both a philosophy and a science.

Feng shui decorating has many elements and when the principles are used correctly in a living room—or in any room for that matter—the room just feels right.

Feng shui tips include finding an energy balance that works for you through the deliberate arrangements of room elements.

And when a person’s “chi” is balanced as a result of his or her home interior design, the mind, body and spirit are all positively affected.

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The Clutter Must Go
Minimalist home designs, including feng shui, require clearing out clutter. As you get rid of excess “stuff”, such as old books you no longer reference (and you don’t have a library), unnecessary paperwork and any home décor items you no longer like or fit well within your living space, you’ll feel much “lighter” and your “chi” will be positively affected.

Light Affects Mood
Feng shui decorating—as with any decorating style—includes the use of adequate lighting. Any type of lighting, including track lighting, lamps, wall sconces and candles help illuminate your home interior and elevate your mood.

Color has Meaning
Color is as an important home interior design element when looking at feng shui tips. And different colors are associated with key life areas. For example, gold, green and purple are associated with wealth and prosperity. Pink, red and white are associated with relationships, and orange, yellow and tan are associated with health.

Sound is a Feng Shui Element
When you think about minimalist home designs, you probably don’t think about adding an element that you don’t already have. But think again! This decorating style helps you generate positive “chi” with bells, chimes, water fountains and any type of musical instrument.

Green is critical!
Feng shui decorating includes the use of plants. flowers and other living things. So, why not add an oversized green plant in the corner of your living room close to the window? Plants add beauty, life and “chi” to the living space!

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