Glass Blown Vases Grab Attention

Colorful Glass Blown Vases

Brighten your living space with glass blown vases.

Vases help showcase your decorating style and your sense of creativity.

Bright bold colors (such as reds, rusts, yellows, blues and greens) make a statement and help carry your accent colors throughout the room.

For example, if candy apple red is your accent color, why not try to find 3 glass blown vases in coordinating shapes (odd numbers always work well with arrangements), and display them together on a sofa table, buffet or bookcase.

You'll want to make sure candy apple red is used in a few other decor pieces such as an accent rug, lamp, wall clock, decorative mirror frame, wall prints, etc.

Look to geometrics to add pizzazz and an artsy, contemporary feel to the room.

Perhaps you've found an interesting glass blown vase with small circles of bright bluish teal

And you've decided you want this bluish teal and taupe to be the accent colors of your room.

Use the circle theme sparingly when decorating. The last thing you want is every decor item in the room shaped in a circle or made with patterns of circles.

Try a chenille throw for the cream sofa in bluish teal; an exotic plant in an interesting taupe and cream pot; coasters for the coffee table in bluish teal circles; a few prints in taupe frames; and a coffee table with a circular glass top.

It really is a matter of combing both your accent colors (bluish teal and taupe in this case) and your design theme (circles in this case) in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

You'll create harmony in the room and all elements will work together to create a beautiful look and feel.

And it will be the little home decor items--the bluish teal circle coasters for example--that will be the icing on the cake!

So don't forget to consider glass blown vases when decorating--they can showcase both your design theme and your accent colors beautifully!

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