Home Decor Ideas and Home Décor Accessories for Your Living Room

Luxury Living Room

As you know, there are quite a few interior design styles to choose from!

Home Decor Ideas

Whether it’s a traditional, country, Asian, Italian, retro or modern design you’re after, coming up with home decor ideas for your living room should begin by making sure your furniture and home décor accessories reflect your chosen decorating style.

As long as these two elements coincide, you’ll be sure to create harmony within your living space.

The challenge with decorating is to narrow down your all your ideas—decide which ones you really like and are practical for your lifestyle. 

For example, you might love modern interior decorating and the sleek lines of modern design, however, this type of furniture doesn’t always work well in a living room where children watch TV, hang out or play.

More comfortable furniture with fluffy cushions and pillows can be more desirable.

And if you think that following decorating trends might help, think again.

Home Decor Trends - Beware!

The trends in furniture and home décor accessories come and go every 6 months or so--better to go with items that you really like and that will stand the test of time (for at least a few years).

Display items that have real meaning to you such as treasured figurines from trips to foreign lands or a favorite photo and picture frame from your honeymoon.

Think of your own home decor ideas and peruse interior decorating styles in magazines, websites and tv shows until you find furniture and décor combinations you can’t live without!

Keep in mind you can always change up any room in your home by displaying different home décor accessories.

Candles, picture frames, vases, lamps, throw decorative pillows etc. can all be swapped out to create a new look and feel to any room.

Trendy Accessories - Why Not?

Adding some trendy home decor accessories to your place is a great idea, especially if you want your place to look more in vogue. We're talking about little things, especially if you're decorating on a budget, like small stacking tables, or the wooden trays you often see sitting on large ottomans or coffee tables.

Showcase your trendy accessories in the living room--where most people entertain guests and spend the majority of their time.

Still Skeptical about Trendy Accessories? Sneak in a few to test them out. If you like what you see, switch 'em out when you see fit. HGTV is always showing the latest and greatest in home decor accessories!

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