Interior Design Ideas for Living Rooms

Modern Interior Decorating

Having difficulty combining all your home decor ideas into a workable solution?

Interior Design Ideas to Consider!

The best place to start is your favorite interior decorating styles.

Whether it’s a classic, traditional, cottage, Tuscan style, Asian design or contemporary interior design you’re after, be sure that your home décor accessories—the rug, lamps, picture frames, candles, vases, etc and your furniture coordinate well.

You’ll create a much needed harmony within your living space. Warm colors always work according to the interior design experts.

Cottage style design is truly comfortable and relaxed.Warm colors flourish in rustic cottage style design. Cushions with floral fabrics combine well with white or knotty pine furniture.

The combination creates a fun, cozy atmosphere. Look here for unfinished solid wood furniture ideas--great for cottage style interior design!


Tuscan style home decoration ideas are romantic

They combine natural materials and warm, earthy colors creating a very comfy home.

Tuscans use lots of pottery—large vases and planters and terra cotta tile floors. An earthy look adds to the simple and natural ambiance.


Contemporary interior design is timeless

Square or “boxey” sofas, simple home décor accessories and sometimes dramatic bold colors, contemporary design takes us back to the Fifties.

Fortunately, it has become so popular that we expect it will stay in vogue for years to come.

Home decorating can be lots of fun with this design style.

It’s definitely a style preference, though—you either really like this contemporary interior design look or you don’t!



Asian design and interior decorating style seek harmony

We can’t forget about feng shui which originated from China. It’s not really a decorating style itself, but a taoist practice that focuses on the deliberate placement of furniture and home décor in a living space to achieve harmony.

And creating that harmony within the room leads to peace of mind and happiness. Intrigued by this interior design style? Read more about feng shui tips here.

The Asian way of looking at the world—simple, reflective and peace-seeking—is also reflected in Zen style home decorating and has influenced several interior decorating styles.

And don’t forget about Japanese interior design ideas—bamboo and large wall or window tapestries can make your home look more natural and add an Asian design feel. Find out more about bamboo home decor here.


Seeking more excitement?

If traditional, cottage, Tuscan style, Asian or contemporary interior design alone aren’t for you, try combining a few of these decorating styles.

Select a main style, but use home décor accessories from a few different ones.

A unique, eclectic look that’s solely your own will be the result! Don’t forget the research you can do to come up with a list of decorating ideas for each style.

Peruse the top interior decorating magazines and websites, and watch your favorite home decorating tv shows, too.

You’ll be surprised at the interior design ideas you come up with and accolades from others will keep you going! Be creative and have fun!