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Modern Living Room


Searching for living room decorating ideas and living room design photos?

When starting off decorating your living room, be sure to look at your furniture, room layout and traffic patterns. In fact, it's wise to do a little pre-planning! Check out our quick and easy way to create a living room furniture plan.

It might sound like a "no brainer", but ask yourself a few quick questions:

  • Other than relax and watch TV, what other activities will you need space for in your living room?
  • Will you need an area for playing games, a reading corner with a bright lamp, or a place for the kids to do homework?

In other words, be sure to consider the functionality of the room. Then consider the following decorating and design tips. . .


Purchase a few pieces of high quality furniture.

Whether you're decorating a new place or doing some home renovation, a good look at your furniture selection and home décor accessories.

Too much furniture can easily clutter a room. A plain sofa is sometimes enough to make your place functional and cozy. Remember, you can always add design flair with home decor accessories.

One chair with a lot of character is often better than two chairs--especially if you don't need the extra sitting room. Remember, less can definitely be more!




Contemporary Decorative Area Rug in Living Room


Create warmth with decorative area rugs.

Rooms without rugs can seem a bit cold, especially if you have a large area of hardwood, marble or concrete floors.

If you’re decorating a loft, you’ll likely have a lot of open floor space. Check out our loft design ideas here.

Use decorative area rugs for areas that "call out" for coziness, like under the sofa, coffee table, or other furniture pieces.

Rugs can add color, pattern, texture and design to any living space and are one of our favorite home decor accessories! View tips on selecting decorative area rugs here.

Choose a rug that contains your accent colors and fits your decorating style.

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