Learn How To Create a Living Room Furniture Plan

Penthouse living room

It might seem simple, but living room furniture plans really help with furniture layout, whether you're starting from scratch or you're working on a living room makeover.

Creating a living room furniture plan is the key to a great living room layout.

Once you identify key room elements, deciding on painting, decorating and flooring becomes much easier!

Follow these steps for a quick but successful living room furniture plan:

Step 1: Create a sketch of your living room to scale that includes your traffic patterns

This is especially important if you have a large living room with numerous doorways that lead to other rooms like the kitchen or dining room.

Step 2: Identify the location of electrical outlets, light switches and phone jacks

Make sure your main seating areas are close to outlets for lighting options, or if an extension cord is needed it can be easily obscurred by other furniture pieces.

Step 3: Determine the focal point of your living room

Typically the focal point of a living room is the big screen television (fortunately or unfortunately), a scenic window view of the ocean, mountains or lake, or a fireplace.

If you have a large living room, you can also have one or two secondary focal points.

A reading area with an attention-grabbing lamp, an extra seating area with two club chairs and a coffee table, or a zen-like area with a table top waterfall are all options.  

Step 4: Locate the necessary pathways that lead in and out of the room and avoid placing furniture pieces in these areas

Step 5: Make several copies of your living room sketch and create 2 to 5 furniture layout options

You might want to make paper cut-outs of your furniture pieces to move around as you determine the best layout options

Living room furniture plans - The larger your living room, the more options you have

You might think it would be easier to determine furniture placement if you have a large living room.

Of course, the opposite is true--the more space, the more furniture and the more options to consider when creating your final living room furniture plan.

Good luck!