Living Room Ideas - Create Your Dream Living Room!

Living room with earth tones


Looking great living room ideas? Eager to create your dream living room? You’ve come to the right place. You’ll find lots of interior design living room ideas and photos, starting here…


6 Steps to Creating Your Dream Living Room:

# 1 - Take stock of your furniture inventory.

Are there any furniture pieces that you really don’t want anymore? It’s okay if they’re still stylish but you’re sick of them—just sell them to the highest bidder!

Taking stock of your furniture inventory helps you make a conscious effort to only keep the pieces you still really like. And remember…..less is more. De-clutter wherever possible!

modern living room with red sofa# 2 - Determine the focal point of the room.

Your decorating ideas will multiply once you determine the focal point of your living room. Perhaps it’s your much prized big screen television, a beautiful view of the mountains or ocean, or your fireplace. Set up your furniture pieces accordingly—make your focal point of the room visually inviting!

# 3 - Starting from scratch, create a living room furniture plan.

Take a picture or two of your empty living room space. Then create a diagram on your computer of the room to scale (a sketch will also work). Make several copies of your diagram or sketch, and create various room layout options.

You’ll want to sketch in your furniture pieces….or perhaps make several paper cut-outs of them and move the pieces around to determine the best layout options. Great interior design living room ideas start with the optimal layout!

# 4 - Identify your interior design style.

You know what you like when it comes to creating a comfortable living room that fits your personality. Choose from a wide variety of interior design styles including traditional, tuscan, cottage, asian, country, ultra modern or many others. Regardless of the style, the next step is the fun one--gather decorating ideas you love!

# 5 - Gather living room decorating ideas.

Watch decorating shows, cut out pictures from magazines, visit model homes and basically just keep a look-out for great interior design.

Notice furniture, home décor accessories, area rugs, decorative pillows—anything that catches your eye!

# 6 - Implement the interior design living room ideas you like best!

With your focal point, furniture plan and design style all determined, go ahead and try out a few of your favorite decorating ideas.

You’ll need to experiment a little at first, but you’ll be on your way to creating the dream living room you’ve always wanted!

Decorating Idea Guide: