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Happy Couple Living in Loft

Loft design is intriguing! With dramatic vaulted ceilings, large windows, concrete or wood beams and pillars, and exposed ductwork, loft living is all about large, open living space. 

And loft decorating and furnishings include an overall simplicity that just works. 

But the young, single and trendy urban dwellers aren’t the only ones getting into the loft craze.  Older married couples are enjoying loft designs, too. 

But what's so special about living in a loft?

Here are some reasons why loft owners and renters choose loft living:

“Once my husband and I started looking at lofts, there was no other type of place we wanted to live!  We’re both drawn to loft design--the whole architectural look and feel. The more natural, minimalist look and the contemporary furnishings typically showcased in these wonderful homes.  Loft living is right for us!"
Sheri Johnson-Holmes
Manhattan, NY

Luxury Loft“I love loft designs! I wanted the freedom to divide up my huge loft living space into all of my other rooms. I made my bedroom small, but not cramped, and left the kitchen, living room and office area all open using only one see-thru room divider for the office.
Janice Greene
Bucktown, IL

“I chose to live in a loft after a friend of mine had just moved into her own loft. I so enjoyed hanging out at her place and together we came up with so many loft decorating ideas, that I started to think about buying a loft for myself.  I looked at only a handful of places when I started looking to buy.  I came across a loft I just love and had to have it!
Wilhema B. Lewis
Dallas, TX

“I’ve always been drawn to modern interior decorating and I became enamored with loft design. I wanted to create my own unique living space, and I truly did. I’m an artist and I made many of my own home décor wall accessories out of pottery, metal pieces and scrap materials. My interior looks amazing to me and it’s often a great conversational piece!”
Jason Harrington
Chicago, IL

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