Make an Online Collage

Collage of Pictures

Why not create a photo collage of your family having fun on vacations, celebrating holidays, or spending time with relatives?

You'll need collage photo maker software. We recommend Shapes Collage, but you can do a few online searches and find other options.

A Collage of Photos You’ll Love – Make an Online Collage Today!

Get creative! Why not make a family or couple photo collage?

Mix and match photos—make sure to include a range of ages from when your children were babies to the present.

Or if you don’t have children, find pictures showing a range of dates from when you and your partner first met through the present.

Then find picture frames that are all the same color—ex—fushia, red, black or brushed chrome—but are different in design.

Mix and match your family or couple photos and frames to create a collage of photos that is one-of-a-kind

Two important keys to making this project a high quality piece of wall art include:


  1. Selecting action-packed, expressive photos that tell a story
  2. Finding unique, interesting frames that look great together

Good luck!


Make an Online Collage of Baby Photos – An Adorable, Personalized Home Décor Item!

If you’re looking for wall art that is perfect for the nursery, why not create a collage of photos of your baby (or babies)?

Shoot at least two rolls of black and white film with a high quality camera when your little one is in a particularly cheerful mood.

Focus on capturing the expressions on your baby’s face. . .the ones that melt your heart instantly.

Capture the sheer joy on your baby’s face when playing with toys; a tentative but curious walk toward a flower or tree; a pensive look when you softly call his or her name; a huge hug and his or her affection towards a favored stuffed animal.

You get the idea—it’s all about the simple discoveries in life—the precious moments.

Once you’ve found 5, 7 or 9 photos that you really, really like (odd numbers are always best for artistic arrangements), decide on the optimal size of the photos and the quantity that will look best for your photo collage given the available wall space.

Use photos that are around the same size—some horizontal and some vertical.

The Important Collage Details

Crop your photos to highlight the most favorable part, and print them up on high quality photo paper.

Find picture frames that are simple—a brushed silver or light charcoal gray will work well. Remember. . .you don’t want to detract attention from the baby’s photos.

Cut pastel-colored mat boards (or cardstock) to use as borders inside the frames.

The mat boards will add a simple softness to the strong black and white contrasts, and help coordinate your collage with other room décor.

For example, if your nursery colors are soft pink, yellow and baby blue, use all soft pink, all yellow or all baby blue mat boards. You can choose to use two of the room colors, of course, but keep the focus on the photos!

Just remember, you don’t have to do a lot to grab attention with a collage of photos. A simpler approach is better—adding variety to too many variables creates a chaotic overall look.

The final step in this exciting project is to stagger the photos in an interesting arrangement on the wall
. . .good luck!

To test your photo collage without creating countless nail holes in your wall, cut sheets of paper the same size of each frame and affix removable double-sided tape on the back of each sheet.

Arrange and re-arrange the photos until you decide on a creative display that you really like! Then stand back, take a deep breath. . . and admire your masterpiece!