Modern Area Rugs - Add Modern Design to Your Living Room Decorating

Living room with lime green accent colors

Modern area rugs—one of my favorite types of decorative area rugs—are basically works of art in rug form.

Picking out home décor for your living room doesn’t get much more exciting than this!


Rug design - Conservative or Contemporary?

If modern design is what you’re after, an uninhibited artistic rug design won’t catch you off guard.

And these designs seem to run the gamut from tame to wild.

You can choose bold, free flowing lines or dramatic exacting lines—a few simple colors or quite a few loud, very eye-catching colors—a traditional rectangular shape or a myriad of different geometric or odd shapes.

And if this weren’t enough choices when deciding on decorative area rugs, texture must also be considered and is an integral part of modern design.


Rug materials - Room Traffic is Key

Texture depends, of course, on the materials available in your chosen rug design.

From machine made acrylic rugs…to hand tufted wool rugs…to a bunch of other options in between, deciding on the best material isn’t always easy.

Consider all options—the material you choose for your living room modern area rugs should be based on the amount of traffic the rugs will receive in each of their locations, the ease of cleaning each rug (think realistically about how often you will clean them yourself or have them professionally cleaned), and the proposed length of use for each rug.

Pricing - From Ultra Expensive to Cheap

Of course, when decorating with rugs, price is also a consideration. Prices vary based on the size, material used and the uniqueness of the rug design.

Once you start shopping around, you'll quickly realize what we're talking about. Certain designers charge a premium for their line of rugs.

Fortunately for those of us on a budget, there are a wide variety of options available in rug design.

Unless you’re “stuck” on having a rug from a particular designer’s line, you’re sure to find quite a few modern area rugs that you not just like—but love—and at relatively reasonable prices. Don't go cheap, though--you'll find out in a hurry it's better to pay alittle more for a longer-lasting, quality rug.

Ready to view some interesting decorative area rugs. . . 

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