Living Room Design Photos You Don't Want to Miss!

Modern Living Room

Consider stylish clocks that are both functional and decorative.

Antique Clock

Living room decorating ideas can also include an old grandfather clock, but only if this old world style suits you.

Use it to showcase the height of your interior--especially if you have vaulted ceilings.

Or get a cool, contemporary clock that works well in the corner of the room and commands attention because of its simple but interesting design. Funky clocks are also an option, depending upon how adventurous you are with your home decor.

Contemporary clocks always look great in modern living rooms.

Accessorize with color.

Shabby Chic Living Room with Bright Blue TablesAlways remember that you can accessorize with color. Use candles, plants, vases, figurines or whatever home decor items you prefer.

You can even refinish an old table or unfinished piece of furniture in a bright blue. What a fun and artistic flair the color adds to this shabby chic style living room!

Read why unfinished solid wood furniture is a great option.

Decorative pillows are also a great way to pull in color from a sofa or chair--and add a splash of design, too.

Check out a variety of throw decorative pillows here.

If you have a more traditional sofa or chair, add an element of surprise with highly textured or modern style pillows.


Decorate your mantel.

A true eye-catcher, the fireplace is a great focal point when it comes to living room design, and especially if it is centered in the middle of the room.

Add a personal touch—meaningful pictures in cool picture frames, floating candles from a treasured trip, or your favorite seasonal home decor will all add warmth to your mantel and your living room.

If you have space, place a stylish area rug in front of the fireplace. Choose from a wide array of decorative area rugs online or at retail. Check out Warhol rugs--a pop art enthusiast's favorite, and eye-catching modern area rugs. Or walk on the wild side with zebra rugs!

Other living room design ideas include hanging folk art from your local flea market, framing a few nice prints or creating your own artwork with a blank canvas and acrylic paint! View more cheap decorating ideas here.

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Why not try a few of these living room decorating ideas? Be creative--think outside the box!