Throw Decorative Pillows Add a Splash of Color and Design to Any Room

Modern decorative pillows in bright colors

Even though it might seem simple—and it is—try adding a touch of color and design to your solid or small print sofa, sectional or entranceway bench with a few throw decorative pillows.

A throw decorative pillow or two with cool patterns can liven up any room

Why not introduce pillows with cool patterns or funky shapes to your décor?

Especially if you have more of a traditional look or lots of solids in the room.

You can carry a hint of the same shapes/patterns (or other similar but different shapes/patterns) throughout the room as well.

Think of decorative rugs, lampshades, wall prints, hanging mobiles and more!

Stripe throw decorative pillows attract attention and add style

You might also try adding a few other pillows in the same color palette with a flowers print.

Stripes and flowers always look great together—the contrast of rigid lines with organic, elegant and flowing flowers makes for an interesting, creative tension.

Asian throw decorative pillows help create a calming atmosphere

A bit of Asian influence can add a calming, zen effect to your room.

Luxury decorative pillowsTry a few pillows with an Asian design.

You will need to add other Asian home décor items—but not too many—to carry through a hint of this decorating style.

Consider a large bamboo plant, a Japanese lantern, Buddha figurines or Asian tapestries.

An Asian inspired throw decorative pillow often combines the luxury of silk with the sophisticated look of elegant flowers or simple design elements.

If you’re decorating on a budget, look on Ebay or at thrift stores or garage sales for decorative pillows. Try TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, too.

I’ve stumbled across some very eclectic pillows at both places, including a few treasured stripe throw decorative pillows with unique embellishments.

It’s definitely hit or miss—you might not find multiple quantities of the same pillow, but sometimes you just need a few funky pillows to add to your other matching ones.

Of course, if you like sewing or you’re particularly creative and crafty, you can always make your own pillows.

Go to a fabric store or search online for bargain bin fabrics.

Once you have the accent colors of your room selected, along with any pattern and/or shapes (geometrics, flowers, polka dots, etc), begin looking at all the possible fabrics that will work with the existing décor in your room.

Purchase the fabric and pillow stuffing (down or cotton/polyester fill work well), decide on a shape (square, rectangular or circular) and . . . start sewing!

Find free pillow patterns online. . .simply do a few internet searches and then select the pattern you like best.

Decorative pillowsAnd, of course, don’t forget about embellishments that can be added to make your throw decorative pillows truly your own.

Being able to adorn your pillows with anything you want is one of the best reasons to make your own pillows.

Be creative. . .think beads, fringe, tassels, decorative trim. . . you name it! Have fun!

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