Choose the High Quality of Unfinished Solid Wood

Traditional living room with solid wood furniture.
Ready to learn an exciting new Do-It-Yourself skill? Why not consider the furniture options available with unfinished solid wood?

Customize the look of your unfinished solid wood furniture.

Unfinished or unpainted furniture is often available in solid oak, pine or aspen.

And you can pretty much find any type of furniture you're looking for whether it be for your living room, bedroom, kids' room or home office.

Just keep an open mind!

The only challenge with unfinished solid wood furniture is that ofentimes the furniture style is traditional in nature.

You can get creative, though, and add your own design and style in no time!

How about adding an attention-getting new piece to your living room like a buffet, a bookcase or a coffee table?

The piece can be a real conversational starter with a unique custom paint job in a cool pattern.

Or why not try an entranceway bench in periwinkle blue, emerald green or a fusha?

You can always tone it down or add more character with throw decorative pillows.

Interior decorating should be fun and customizing makes your home truly your own!

The high quality of unfinished solid wood adds a richness to your surroundings.

Solid wood is heavy indeed. You're sure to find out when you try to move a piece of unfinished solid wood furniture.

Finished furniture often has nice finishes that hide blemishes and less expensive types of wood and wood veneers.

With unfinished solid wood, you see exactly what you're getting - a high quality piece of furniture that you can customize any way you'd like - how refreshing!

Save money with unfinished solid wood furniture.

It might seem contraditory that a higher quality piece of furniture would be a lot less expensive, but it's true. And of course, you're saving money because the furniture manufacturer doesn't complete the final step in the manufacturing process.

Join the Do-It-Yourself Craze!

With the increase in popularity of home decorating TV shows, the fascination with Do-It-Yourself projects has escalated. Don’t overlook the fun, creativity and decorating possibilities with unfinished wood furniture!

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