Let Free Virtual Room Design Assist You When Designing Your Living Room!

Modern living room with orange and green.


Gather Living Room Design Ideas by using Free Virtual Room Design Programs
and Perusing Home Shopping Catalogs

Check out some of our favorite sites for helping you create great living room designs. . .

Better Homes and Garden’s Color-a-Room: Decorate a room with different colors, patterns, fabrics and flooring.

"Color-A-Room" Free Virtual Room Design

I Village’s Free Virtual Room Design Tool: Pick a room and view wall, ceiling and flooring options.

Free Virtual Room Design

Bali Blind’s Virtual Decorator: Change the color of furniture, trim and walls to coordinate with different styles and colors of shades.

Window Blinds Free Virtual Room Design

Mixing and Matching

When using any of these programs you'll be able to mix and match colors and patterns--basically "test drive" a wide variety of room elements. You'll come up with new ways to arrange things---and find new combinations of colors, patterns, fabrics and flooring that look fabulous!

Of course, don't forget to peruse home decor and furniture catalogs and websites for other sources of living room design ideas. Our favorites are:

This is a much abbreviated list of catalogs, of course, but we’re sure you’ll find some great furniture, tips and decorating ideas when designing your living room.

And don't forget to step outside the box and try free virtual room design--you'll be glad you did!

Decorating Idea Guide: