Warhol Rugs for Pop Art Fanatics

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Warhol rugs--a.k.a. the Andy Warhol rug collection--are modern area rugs that portray this artist's Pop art graphic style over the span of his career.

Although many imitators surfaced years ago and still do today, Warhol is known for being one of the premier pop artists of his time.

The use of his art for decorative area rugs reflects both the versatility of his style and the popularity of his name.

Warhol was one of the first to use silk screenprinting to mass produce his work--work that reflected the pop culture of his day including images of Elvis, Jackie O and, of course, Marilyn Monroe.

These celebrity images took the form of modern area rugs more recently, and have become quite popular in decorating living rooms, rec rooms, game rooms and other rooms where nostalgic home decor or pop art is the design theme.

Warhol's 4 Design Themes

Warhol rugs--or decorative area rugs for Pop art fanatics--are divided into 4 design themes which also reflect his art portfolio:

Simply Andy - Pencil drawings from Andy Warhol's early work as a fashion designer and illustrator are the basis for these rug designs.

Pop Abstracts - Derived from his "Pop Art" period, these modern area rugs have bold colors and geometric shapes in eye-catching repetitive patterns.

Signature Designs - Some say strange and some chalk it up to out-of-the-box thinking--these rug designs include Warhol's whimsical designs of women's shoes and purses.

Factory Designs - Modern area rugs from his "Factory" period, these Warhol rugs reflect his use of pattern, textures and shading.

The Andy Warhol rug designs can be mixed and matched to create a bit of nostalgia when decorating any room in your home. If you like Pop Art, be sure not to miss this rug collection!

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